IT’S Worth to Hire a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer?

Being in a car accident can be a traumatic time for you and your family, no matter how minor (or serious) it happens to be. Dealing with the aftermath is no walk in the park either, with necessary paperwork needing to be filled out and submitted, insurance to deal with, police reports and more.

All of which can be easily overwhelming during a time when you and your loved ones need to focus on self-care and recovery from any injuries. This is one of many reasons why hiring a car accident attorney is well worth it.

A good car accident lawyer can help take the weight of the situation off of your shoulders, handling everything from paperwork to claims, negotiations and claims processes. Unlike insurance adjusters, your lawyer will have your best interests in mind, making sure you get the compensation you and your family deserve to move forward from this unfortunate circumstance.

A Few Key Reasons Why it is Worth it to Hire a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer:

  1. Information: Right after the accident, you’ll want to know as much information as possible to make the right decisions. You are probably not in the right frame of mind to make well-informed decisions right after a traumatic experience like a car accident. An experienced lawyer will present you with information and options that make sense in your given circumstances.
  2. Handling insurers: Insurance companies employ a team of professional lawyers that specialize in claim adjustments. Handling their big team of specialized lawyers and attempting to figure out all the terms and conditions can be quite daunting. In the midst of all this, you’re also tending to your own injuries and trauma.

Experienced lawyers have dealt extensively with insurance companies. They’ll help you compile everything you need to provide the insurers. They’ll also offer guidance on any terms and conditions that you likely would’ve missed if you had gone at it by yourself.

  1. Maximize your claim: An insurance company aims to devalue your claim so that they can save money. With a car accident lawyer, you have the assurance that an experienced professional is working to maximize your claim amount. Your lawyer will evaluate your claim and ensure you’re receiving fair compensation based on your circumstances.

Some factors that are relevant in determining how much you receive from insurance companies include:

  • Seriousness of injury
  • Medical bills caused by accident
  • Medication & treatments
  • Loss of wages due to your injury
  • Future loss of wages if you cannot complete your job due to injury
  • Personal & mental distress
  • Cost of car replacement
  • Any future costs this accident may have on your life
  1. Level the playing field: When you’re up against insurance companies or the judicial system, the playing field is not level. Insurance companies will offer a minimum settlement offer when dealing with an unrepresented client. These minimum settlement offers are what as known as “nuisance value offers.” You are considered a ‘nuisance’ because, as an unrepresented client, they know all you’re going to do is ask for more money without proper evidence or legal know-how.

Having a car accident lawyer will help level the playing field. While you may not have all the training and expertise to go up against the insurers, an experienced lawyer will be aware of all the tricks used by insurers to reduce the claim amount. They can help navigate these murky waters on your behalf.

  1. Compiling evidence: A car accident lawyer will help you compile evidence from the scene. Evidence is crucial when making your case with the insurance company or in court. Key pieces of evidence include witness statements, accident reports, video footage, scene photos and any other physical objects relevant to the accident.
  2. Provides legal representation: A lawyer will act as your legal representative and help you navigate through the different judicial procedures. They’ll represent you in any type of mediation, settlement discussions or arbitrations. If it does end up going to trial, you’ll have a lawyer that will represent you in pre-trial and any type of court proceedings.
  3. Pay only if you win: A Los Angeles car accident lawyer works on a contingency fee basis. This means that the lawyer will only get paid if you receive a favorable verdict. If you do not receive a favorable verdict, the lawyer won’t get paid. It’s a win-win situation for you, as you won’t need to worry about coming up with money upfront.
  4. Help understand the statute of limitations: The statute of limitations is a law that requires those who are planning to file a lawsuit against another party to do so in a specified time period. The time limit depends on the type and nature of the claim. A car accident lawyer will provide you with the necessary guidance in meeting any deadlines so the courts won’t reject your case.
  5. Avoid costly mistakes: If you go unrepresented, you could risk making costly mistakes. These mistakes could be not gathering enough information at the scene, submitting an incorrect statement or filing documentation too late. These mistakes could prevent you from getting the maximum claim value or cause unnecessary delays to the process.
  6. Hiring the right car accident lawyer can provide you and your family with the support, advocacy and help needed to get through this difficult time.
  7. At the Capital Law Firm, we take pride in helping our clients win both in and out of court, making sure our clients get the compensation they deserve. Don’t let insurance companies and adjusters push you into a settlement you don’t think is fair.
  8. If you have been in a car accident, contact us today. We are available 24/7 and eager to learn more about your situation and how we can help.



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