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More from this Title’s Contributors. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews Please log in to add or reply to comments. Hi Laura, this looks like such a great product – do you know if it would work with Open Office? Or is it only with Word? Many thanks for your time :. Aw, no worries – I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly, thankyou!

Not sure where the issue lies, but I am unable to re-download this. I purchased it and downloaded it ages ago but had to redownload for my new PC. It doesn’t show up in my library anymore and the links in the description don’t work either. Anyone else having this issue or just me? Hi Craig, I haven’t heard from anyone else having this problem, but it sounds like an issue your computer is having with the DMsGuild website, not something I can fix on my end.

Have you tried clearing your browser cache, restarting your computer, and then logging back into DMsGuild? I’ve cleared my cache and tried another browser but it’s not working aaaand it confuses me.

Any chance I can get a hold of you with a confirmation of my purchase to get a copy sent or something along those lines? Really not sure what’s up here. I have no issues downloading anything else in my library.

Hi Craig, I’d suggest getting in touch with DMsGuild support—I just confirmed the file downloads work fine with other template buyers so I’m not sure what the issue is, something may be buggy with your account. Let me know if they can’t sort it out. Hi Laura – thanks for this great resource. Question – do you know how one would export the word doc, keeping your formatting, hyperlinks and the Table of Contents? So far I am able to export to pdf and keep hyperlinks and Table of Contents OR formatting, but not both.

Hi Paul, yes, you should be able to do all three. Please confirm the following: 1 have you followed all instructions on the Using This Template page? In your email, please include your operating system eg Windows 10 , what version of Office you’re using if you know , and a copy of both the Word document and exported PDF that you’re having problems with.

Hi Laura – thanks for your reply. I was using a Mac for the editing and that seemed to be the issue. Switched over to a PC and it seemed to resolve. And the supplement looks snazzy, congrats on the release!! Looks like a great product. However, whenever I try to open the document I get the error message ‘word has encountered a problem’ and the file refuses to open. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Hi Liam, I haven’t heard of anyone else experiencing that error. What version of Office are you using?

Hi Laura, I’m not sure if I have the same problem that Liam up here has, but it sounds similar enough. There’s plenty of storage space available on my laptop and I’ve run all OS and Office updates prior to downloading these templates. Try these suggestions. Addition: I’m also using a MacBook Air , if that helps.

I’ve looked around for some troubleshooting help, but most if not all of the fixes are for PC users to unblock the file permissions when getting the same error message, something I’m not able to do since Word and Office look and operate slightly differently on a Mac vs PC. I am learning so much about how to use Word thanks to this template. It’s silly, but I love being shown what can be done with this and then having to try and follow it myself.

A huge thanks for showing me what I can do, and giving me new things to strive for! Hey awesome template. One question though. Is there an easy way to swap out the graphic that accompanies the page number?

I found one I’d prefer to use but I can’t figure out how to remove the current one, let alone replace it with another. Hi Laura, Love the guide! The download I’m pulling does not seem to include the Quick Style Guide. Am I opening this incorrectly, does that page come from another download, or could I get a download that includes the Quick Style Guide?

Any help is appreciated! Thank you! The word document itself as well as the PDF, which is a duplicate of the word document contains all of the style guide tips for this product. Hi Laura is there an easier way issues than here? I think im having the same issue as Matthew. I opened up my doc from 2 weeks ago and the pages are black but my imported stat blocks text has went white and i cant change the colour.

It’s all very odd. Hi Alan! If I’m understanding correctly, that sounds different than what Matthew said he’s experiencing I’ve heard from folks with his bug, but it always resolved itself, but I’ve not heard of anyone having pages turn black or stat blocks turning white. Could you email me with a screenshot of what you’re seeing when you open it, along with if you’re willing attaching the word doc you’re having problems with?

My email is on the product credits page. Hi Laura, I sent an email to you but i’ve not heard back. Maybe i got the address wrong or it went to your spam folder. It was titled “5e Word Template Help”. Hey so dumb question, but the grainy parchment texture isn’t loading up for me when I open the preset file or make my own, any way to get that texture?

If it still doesn’t work after you do both of those things, let me know! Can you use this with Google Docs or is there a seperate version for that?

Google Docs doesn’t have the features allowing for a template like this, sorry. What would it take to convince you to make a version of this that is compatible with libre office or google docs for those of us who don’t use word? Hi Jessey! Also, sending cookies might help. But only if they come with a clone. Hey, Laura! Thank you so much for doing the good work– using online apps for these can be a headache if you’re rusty or new to coding and such.

Unfortunately, I too have Libre Office, so sending good vibes for cloning technology! Hello I’ve been having fun using this to make some documents for my homebrew world. Perhaps this is a silly question but is there a way to make this a ‘Word Template’ so that when you create a new document you can select this document or a blank version with the background image and page numbering etc.

I can’t seem to get the page background into a new document that i copied the styles into. Hi Alan, glad to hear you’ve been enjoying it! If so, I honestly have no idea how to do that, sorry.

A denial of service vulnerability exists where. NET Core server applications providing WebSocket endpoints could be tricked into endlessly looping while trying to read a single WebSocket frame.

An information disclosure vulnerability exists when dumps created by the tool to collect crash dumps and dumps on demand are created with global read permissions on Linux and macOS.

An information disclosure vulnerability exists in where a JWT token is logged if it cannot be parsed. Developer Community has a complete list of all of items shipping in this release. A remote code execution vulnerability exists when opening a workspace with python code and that workspace contains a python. An elevation of privilege vulnerability exists in. A remote code execution vulnerability exists when the Visual Studio installer executes the feedback client in an elevated state. An elevation of privilege vulnerability exists when the Diagnostics Hub Standard Collector incorrectly handles data operations.

A remote code execution vulnerability exists in. NET Core due to how text encoding is performed. This release has several productivity features and performance improvements for the F tools for Visual Studio:. You can read about them in F and F tools update for Visual Studio Test Explorer audio cues and accessibility updates.

Experimental Razor Editor Updates. Forms 5. Projects targeting 4. If you are using Xamarin. Visual Studio Installer. In In this release we added the following enhancements:. Using directives will now automatically get added when copying and pasting types to a new file. There is now a code fix in Visual Basic that removes the shared keyword when you convert methods that are shared to a module. There is now IntelliSense completion for preprocessor symbols.

Start typing the if directive to see the new completion options for symbols that are currently defined in scope. Last but certainly not least, a big Thank You to the following people who contributed this month to. NET Productivity a. Start writing your book directly in it or copy your existing book text from any source, it would be easy to use in every way.

This editable book template for Ms Word is made with perfection and this is something like a modern book interior template for KDP , Ingramspark or any such self-publishing company. This amazing book template can be easily converted into ebook formats as well, i. Kindle or ePub. If you need any help for using this book template in 6 x 9 paper size, write to us through the comments box or by sending us an email, we will be more than happy to help you.

I downloaded your premium book 6 x 9. When I went to open the file I had an error box popped up and I am not sure how to go about fixing it. The error box stated: Windows cannot complete the extraction. The destination path is too long. Rename the compressed zipped folder and try again. It seems you have put this zip archive under many sub folders.

Simply try to put this zip archive on your Desktop and then extract it, it should then work. Otherwise, let us know.

Sorry about that! Could you please rename the downloaded zip to any shorter name and then extract it? It should work then! Some of our download files have long filename issue on Windows PCs. So a simple fix is just to rename the zip to some shorter name. Thank you. Thanks for downloading the template.

In this premium book template, you can add as many chapters as you want.



– Update Office (for IT Pros) – Deploy Office | Microsoft Docs

This article describes update for Microsoft Word that was released on July 2, Be aware that the update in the Microsoft. This article describes update for Microsoft Office that was released on July 2, Be aware that the update in the Microsoft.


Microsoft word update july 2019 free.Criticism of Microsoft

This article describes update for Microsoft Word that was released on July 2, Be aware that the update in the Microsoft. This article describes update for Microsoft Office that was released on July 2, Be aware that the update in the Microsoft.



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