Product liability law deals with cases involving defective and/or unsafe products. Millions of products are purchased daily, and we all have the expectation that they will perform safely and as we expect them to. Unfortunately, not all products live up to their expectations and safety standards.

Manufacturers and sellers are expected to provide adequate warnings about possible dangers, and to include adequate and explicit instructions of use. For this reason, when they do not, we must hold the manufacturer, wholesalers, and/or retailers responsible for compensating those injured individuals who have been hurt by their product. This is where The CAPITAL Law Firm’s attorney’s come into play.

At The CAPITAL Law Firm, we will make sure to hire experts with specialized knowledge about the specific product in question to evaluate the design of the product, the circumstances surrounding the failure, and other similar products to determine why the product failed and how much compensation you are entitled to. We know what to do, and will do whatever it takes to ensure that the accident victim and their loved ones are fully compensated for their damages.
If you feel that you or a loved one has a case, it is highly imperative that you contact us immediately to protect your rights. Please call us today for a free initial case evaluation. All consultations are free, and unless we successfully resolve your case, you do not pay us a fee.

Types of Common Product Liability Cases
• Auto Defects
• Motorcycle Defects
• Contaminated toys or toys that cause choking or injuries
• Medical devices that malfunction
• Recalled medical devices
• Electronics that cause fires or shocks
• Baby products
• Industrial machinery
• Household appliances
• Ladders
• Cosmetics
• Sporting goods

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