What You Need to Know About an Uber Accident Lawyer

Getting into an accident is stressful but getting into a collision as a rideshare professional can be even more so.

Mobility services is changing the face of the automotive industry – possibly forever. One huge and critical part of this transition are the drivers themselves. If you’ve ever part-timed for Uber or Lyft, then you have joined the vast and growing array of services that fall under this label. Attracting more investment dollars than most ventures these days, mobility services also come with a whole new business paradigm that you should perhaps consider before becoming a part of this industry.

What do we mean by that?

Before, taxi drivers and other licensed motor vehicle operators could apply for licensing and were directed through official channels to receive paperwork and insurance as well as some sort of accreditation. Now, with many of these services employing people without any kind of certification at all, the insurance industry and the necessary regulatory bodies haven’t caught up with the new way of doing business.

Long story short? While the money doing uber part-time or even full-time might be great, you need to consider what happens when you get into an accident.

We know – that’s the last thing you want to think about. But it really should be at the forefront of your mind.

While Uber and Lyft do provide some insurance coverage, are you totally aware of the extent of that coverage? And do you know what exactly happens in a wreck with your Uber vehicle? In this article we’re going to outline what you need to consider when hiring an Uber accident lawyer, an attorney that specializes in handling cases involving Uber vehicles and drivers.

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If you get into an accident, Uber and Lyft insurance policies often cover liability and collision but don’t cover medical bills, lost wages, or even potential short-term disability. If the other party to the accident is at fault, you want to be aware of this as an Uber driver – and you want to hire an attorney capable of advocating on your behalf. The range of potential things another party’s insurance company could cover include lost wages, medical expenses, damage to your vehicle, and even a rental car should you need one temporarily.

Again, this is why it is important that you hire an attorney that is intimately familiar with how Uber and Lyft work as well as what their insurance companies cover and what that means for the driver.

For example, The Capital Law Firm’s legal team specializes and serves communities throughout Los Angeles County and surrounding cities. If you drive for Uber or Lyft in the greater Los Angeles area and you have experienced an accident, their expert team of legal consultants can help you on the path towards recovery and potential financial settlement.

Whether you are beginning your career as a rideshare entrepreneur or find yourself currently in the middle of a dispute, The Capital Law Firm has a team of dedicated professionals ready to help you take the next step, if you ever need an uber accident attorney. Contact our rideshare attorney hotline now. We handle all uber accident claims.

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