At The CAPITAL Law Firm, we have successfully handled hundreds of cases involving virtually every type of personal injury. We have ONE priority: to help innocent victims and our clients get the financial consideration they rightfully deserve and need. The results below are a few of the hundreds of positive results The CAPITAL Law Firm has achieved for its clients:

Vehicle Accident

  • $275,000: Auto v. Auto: Plaintiff was involved in a serious vehicle accident when Defendant made an illegal u-turn in front of him. Plaintiff suffered a concussion, and neck and back injuries.
  • $225,000: Auto v. Auto: Plaintiff was rear-ended by a truck and suffered serious back and neck injuries.
  • $120,000: Pedestrian v. Auto: Plaintiff suffered two fractured teeth and a knee contusion.
  • $120,000: Auto v. Auto: Plaintiff got a jury verdict for $120,000. The pre-trial offer was $25,000 and Plaintiff had serious injuries. The Defendant was disputing the nature and extent of the claimed injuries and amount of medical bills.
  • $100,000: Auto v. Auto: Plaintiff suffered from multiple disc bulges and neck pain.
  • $65,000: Auto v. Auto: Plaintiff was involved in a disputed collision in an uncontrolled intersection and suffered from back and neck injuries.

Slip and Fall Injuries

  • $325,000: Plaintiff slipped and fell at a medical facility and suffered multiple injuries, including a broken elbow.
  • $80,000: Plaintiff slipped and fell on soda water at Ralph’s store and suffered from multiple disc bulges.
  • $70,000: Plaintiff slipped and fell on zip ties and suffered injuries to his leg and shoulder.
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