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Exploring Regulations and Best Practices in Helicopter Accident Law

Helicopters are useful and practical pieces of aircraft that are used in medical, military, and commercial applications. As with all forms of aircraft, there are big risks involved when operating. Even though, according to AOPA, helicopter accidents are at a 10-year low of nearly five accidents per 100,000 flight hours. Still, accidents do happen and when they do, pilots, tour services, or even passengers can sometimes be held liable for injuries and damage. To avoid accidents, there are best practices and methods in place that pilots and organizations should follow.

Keep Equipment Updated

Outdated or damaged equipment can be a huge contributor to accidents. In addition to updating and repairing equipment, it’s also important to incorporate new technology in the cockpit that can help keep pilots and passengers safe. Cockpit recording devices are a good example of this type of technology. These devices provide immediate feedback for trainers, operators, and flight crews. If there is an accident, this device could provide the necessary information for investigations.

Insist on Proper Training

Aircraft operation is not the place to be cutting any corners when it comes to training. Every pilot who steps into the cockpit should be fully trained to the highest standards. In addition to their flying, operators also need extensive training on how to handle any type of emergency situation that might arise. This can include resolving issues with equipment and passengers on short notice.

Safety Management and Maintenance

The establishment of specific risk management programs is also necessary. This can enhance standard operating procedures and provide additional training for personnel. This would include the training of risk assessment tools.

The proper maintenance of all equipment should also be a top priority. Equipment maintenance has a huge impact on safety and accident prevention. There should be a robust quality assurance program that follows all manufacturer maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and procedures.

Region-Specific Training

If there are certain risks that are specific to a particular region of operation, then there should also be training for these specialized situations as well. The use of these types of precautions can decrease the chances of accidents happening, and decrease the liability risks as well. Helicopter accident lawyers can also advise you on other ways to keep your enterprise safe.

These are just a few things that can be done to keep your aircraft and pilots safer. If you’re looking for helicopter accident lawyers, please contact The Capital Law Firm today.


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