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Personal Injury Law Firm

Injuries can be quite hard to push through, especially if they result from the negligence of another party. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries after car accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, or other types of negligence incidents in the greater Los Angeles CA area, you don’t have to go through the healing and rebuilding process all by yourself; contact us at The CAPITAL Law Firm today for the services of a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who has years of experience with personal injury cases.

Common Causes of Personal Injury

Given the sheer size of Los Angeles, not to mention the state of California as a whole, there are a lot of hazards. Therefore, personal injuries can happen anywhere, to anyone, and due to many causes.

But since we are talking about Los Angeles personal injury claims, we will focus on the ones caused by negligence and careless behavior.

  • Auto accidents– Vehicle accidents are the most common cause of physical injuries in Los Angeles CA. Statistics from the LAPD crash data show that the city experienced close to 54,000 traffic collisions last year alone. These numbers show that any resident of Los Angeles California is at risk of getting involved in a car accident.

Most of these accident cases resulted from driver error or negligence, e.g., drunk driving, distracted driving, and over speeding. These car accidents and truck accidents were responsible for thousands of injuries throughout the city, many of which culminated in injury claims.

  • Slip and fall accidents Another common cause of injury claims in Los Angeles CA is slip and fall accidents. These accidents can occur anywhere there is a floor, whether at work or at the mall when shopping or in parks. If a slip and fall accident results from someone sleeping on the job, the victim is entitled to full compensation.
  • Workplace accidents- Workplace accidents are also responsible for many personal injury cases. Among Los Angeles construction site workers, these injuries are pretty common, and appropriate measures should be taken to avoid unnecessary injuries. When a workplace injury occurs, the injured party is entitled to worker’s compensation as part of their injury claim.
  • Product defects When you purchase a product, especially something electronic, you expect it to be safe to use. Nonetheless, some products may have defects that were overlooked during manufacturing and thus end up malfunctioning when in use. Such products put the user at risk of sustaining injuries from their use. If you are injured due to the malfunction of a product, you can file a product liability claim for your Los Angeles personal injury.

Types of Personal Injuries

The above situations can result in different types of injuries. These include:

  • Head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken limbs
  • Burns and bruises
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Paralysis
  • Amputation
  • Wrongful death
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Who Is A Personal Injury Attorney, And Why Do You Need One?

A personal injury lawyer is a civil litigator who provides legal representation for accident victims claiming physical and psychological injury due to the negligent behavior of another party. So, why do injury victims need personal injury attorneys?

In your quest for compensation, insurance companies are bound to try to rip you off and keep you from receiving your deserved compensation. For instance, the at-fault party’s insurance company may corner you into saying something that will negatively influence your personal injury claim, like admitting partial responsibility for the incident.

Insurance companies also have a habit of sending their lawyers to accident victims to offer a much lower compensation amount than they deserve. So, where do personal injury attorneys fit in all these situations?

A personal injury attorney in Los Angeles will help you safely maneuver all these ploys used by the insurance company to avoid paying injury claims. Here is how our personal injury lawyers do it at The CAPITAL Law Firm;

  • Guide you through settlement negotiations, mediation, and trial litigation process
  • Record and prove your pain and suffering
  • Bring an expert and impartial perspective to your decisions
  • Reveal who is liable for the injury claim
  • Level the playing field
  • Navigate court systems and procedures
  • Draw on resources like private investigators and expert witnesses
  • Make sure you file all documents within the required time limit
  • Determine when the defendant’s evidence is suspect
  • Give you legal advice on courses of action, including help with medical bills

Therefore, if you plan on making a personal injury claim, contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney who has years of experience before you do anything else.

Why You Should Trust The CAPITAL Law Firm

firm12365Our personal injury attorneys understand that recovering from burn injuries, motor vehicle accidents, or other types of accidents goes beyond getting past the physical pain; you deserve compensation. Here is why you should trust us to litigate your personal injury case and get the money on your behalf:

  • We offer our clients an initial free no-obligation consultation
  • We have such a strong reputation as a competent law firm that we have been featured on FOX News, ABC, CBS News, and NBC.
  • The CAPITAL Law Firm has a proven track record of many years of experience in the personal injury law field. Therefore, you can be sure that we have handled injury cases like yours before…successfully. Even so, you will get a personalized experience for your personal injury case and enjoy the highest levels of professionalism from our top rated trial lawyers.
  • During our years of experience, our super lawyers have garnered a winning record: 99% success rate, which makes us the most successful Los Angeles personal injury law firm.
  • Our experienced personal injury lawyers are available 24/7, whenever you may need them
  • We also specialize in personal injury cases. This may seem like a minor consideration, but the scope of law is wide and having trial attorneys who specialize in injury law dramatically increases your chances of winning your personal injury claim.
  • Most importantly, we work on a contingency basis, so you’ll get a free case evaluation and there are no fees or costs unless we win your personal injury case.


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Every member of our firm is highly experienced in personal injury law and eager to help our clients get back on their feet. Each client is guaranteed a personalized experience along with the upmost professionalism from out experienced personal injury lawyers throughout the representation of your injury claim. We believe that diligent communication with clients is a important as understanding and applying the law, which is why we keep our clients up-to-date every step of the way. For some law firms and trial lawyers, it’s just about the business. For everyone in our law office, it is all about helping the client.

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