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Were you in a pedestrian accident in Los Angeles? If so, you may have questions:

  • How will I recover from my injuries?
  • Will I be able to pay my medical bills?
  • When can I return to work?
  • Can I be compensated for my pain and suffering?  

A pedestrian accident lawyer can help you.  Lawyers with this specialty assist individuals who were injured in this type of accident. 

Navigating the legal system is difficult. Your main focus should be recovery.  

At The Capital Law Firm, our lawyers have experience.  They understand the legal process.  They will take the stress off of you. A lawyer can be your legal ally.  

Our lawyers know the value of seeking justice.  They want you to be compensated for your losses.  In the following sections, we will explain how a pedestrian accident lawyer can assist you.

Why Trust The Capital Law Firm with Your Pedestrian Accident Case?

There are many options for a personal injury lawyer. However, not all legal firms are the same. 

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Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Los Angeles

Pedestrian accidents can occur due to a variety of factors. Understanding the common causes is key.  It can help improve safety.   

Some common causes include:

1. Speeding: Speed is often a factor. When vehicles are traveling at high speeds, they have less time to react. They may not be able to stop for pedestrians.

2.  Distracted Driving: One of the leading causes of accidents is distracted driving.  A driver who is texting, on their phone, or adjusting their radio is less likely to notice a pedestrian.  

3. Failure to Yield the Right of Way: Drivers who fail to yield the right of way can cause an accident.  This often occurs at crosswalks and intersections. It may happen when drivers do not see pedestrian signals.

4. Impaired Driving: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs impairs a driver. They lose the ability to make safe decisions. Often, this includes reacting to pedestrians.

5. Jaywalking: Pedestrians also contribute to accidents. Jaywalking is crossing the road at a non-designated location.  Jaywalking can also be someone crossing against traffic signals. This behavior can put pedestrians in the path of a vehicle.

6. Poor Lighting: Poor street lighting can make it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians. This increases the risk of accidents. It is more common at night.

7. Left and Right Turns: Accidents often occur when drivers are making turns. They fail to notice pedestrians in the crosswalk.

8. Large Vehicles: Trucks and buses have larger blind spots. This makes it more difficult for drivers to see pedestrians. The risk is higher when the pedestrian is close to the vehicle.

9. Driver Fatigue: Drowsy drivers may have slower reaction times. They may not be as alert to the presence of pedestrians.

10. Reckless Driving: Aggressive driving can be a threat.  Tailgating, running red lights, or weaving through traffic are examples.

11. Weather Conditions: Adverse weather conditions can reduce visibility.  Rain or fog may make it hard for a driver to see.  It can also make it difficult for a pedestrian to see. In either case, the risk of an accident increases.  

12. Construction Zones: Construction zones often create changes in traffic patterns. Pedestrian pathways may be modified.  The potential for accidents increases.

Understanding the common causes of pedestrian accidents can help drivers and pedestrians. Knowing the risks allows everyone to take steps to improve safety. 

How Can a Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Help?

A pedestrian accident lawyer can help victims.   

Here are some of the ways a pedestrian accident lawyer can help:

1. Legal Expertise: A pedestrian accident lawyer understands California’s traffic laws. They know personal injury laws. They are aware of liability issues. These lawyers can help you navigate your case.

2. Smooth Investigation Process: Your attorney can investigate the accident. They will gather evidence. This includes witness statements, police reports, and video footage. Your lawyer may seek expert analysis. This helps establish liability. They use the information gathered to build a strong case.

3. Determining Liability: Pedestrian accidents can be caused by various factors. Driver negligence, poor road conditions, or defective equipment are examples. Your lawyer will work to determine who is at fault.  

4. Identifying Damages: An attorney can help you identify your damages. They will quantify the total amount. They will include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and future costs.

5. Negotiation and Settlements: Your lawyer will negotiate.  They will seek a fair settlement. Lawyers have experience dealing with insurance. They will work to ensure you receive proper compensation.

6. Trial Representation: Sometimes a fair settlement cannot be reached. Your attorney will represent you in court. They will build a strong case for your claims.

7. Legal Guidance: Your lawyer will provide you with legal advice. They will guide you.  Examples include telling you when to accept a settlement or pursue a lawsuit.

8. Contingency Fees: Many accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means they only get paid if you win your case. It reduces your financial risk.

9. Emotional and Professional Support: Dealing with an accident can be emotionally challenging. A compassionate attorney can provide support. They will reassure you during this difficult time.

10. Expert Network: Lawyers often have access to experts. Medical professionals and accident reconstruction specialists are examples.  These experts can provide valuable input. They also testify to support your case.

11. Statute of Limitations: Your attorney will ensure that you file your case on time. They will make sure you meet key deadlines.

If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident, the lawyers from The Capital Law Firm can help you. We will build a strong case. We negotiate with insurance companies.  If necessary, we will represent you in court. Our team works to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries in Los Angeles

Pedestrian accidents can cause a wide range of injuries. Some can be severe. Others are life-threatening. Often, severity depends on the size and speed of the vehicle involved. 

Common pedestrian injuries include:

1. Soft Tissue Injuries: These are among the most common injuries in pedestrian accidents. They include bruises, sprains, strains, and contusions.

2. Fractures: Victims often suffer bone fractures.  Broken arms, legs, or ribs are common.  

3. Head Injuries: A head injury can be a mild concussion. Or it might be a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). Sometimes there are no visible injuries. Yet, the brain was affected. This is due to the force of the impact.

4. Spinal Cord Injuries: A pedestrian accident can lead to spinal cord injuries. The result may be paralysis. Some people have a loss of sensation. Sometimes long-term complications occur.

5. Back Injuries: Injuries to the back can be painful.  In some cases, they are disabling.  Injuries include herniated discs or other spinal issues.

6. Internal Injuries: Blunt force trauma can cause internal injuries. Organ damage, internal bleeding, or punctured lungs are examples.

7. Facial Injuries: Injuries to the face can vary.  Cuts and bruises tend to be minor.  More severe injuries include fractures, dental damage, or eye injuries.  

8. Burns: Did the accident cause a fire?  An explosion?  Burns can be a major injury. The degree of severity may vary.  

9. Road Rash: Abrasions occur when a pedestrian is dragged along the road.  This is very painful. These skin injuries are known as road rash.

10. Amputations: In severe accidents, a victim may lose a limb or digits.  This is due to the force of impact.  

11. Psychological Trauma: Psychological trauma occurs with accidents. This trauma can lead to conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression.

It’s important to seek treatment after a pedestrian accident. Injuries may seem minor at first.  But with time, they can become more severe. Seeking immediate medical care is important for your health. Document your injuries. This will help with any potential legal claims.  Was the accident caused by someone else’s negligence?  Consult with a personal injury attorney. They can help you understand your rights.

Liability in Los Angeles Pedestrian Accidents

Liability in pedestrian accidents is complex. It depends on the specifics of the accident. You need to find who was at fault. In some cases, multiple people share liability. 

Here are some common scenarios:

Driver Liability

The driver may be negligent.  Were they speeding? Did they run a red light? A stop sign? Were they distracted? Did they drive under the influence of alcohol? Drugs? Did the driver fail to yield the right of way?  In all of these cases, the driver may be at fault.

Pedestrian Liability

Pedestrians must show care for their safety. In some cases, pedestrians may be partially or fully at fault. Did the pedestrian jaywalk?  Did they cross against traffic signals?  In these cases, the pedestrian may be negligent as well.

Property Owner or Municipality Liability

Were the road conditions hazardous?  Were the sidewalks poorly maintained? Was the lighting inadequate? Liability may extend to property owners. The municipality responsible for maintaining the roadways may be at fault.

Shared Liability (Comparative Negligence)

California follows a comparative negligence system. This means both the pedestrian and the driver can share liability. Was the pedestrian partially at fault? Their compensation may be reduced.  As long as the pedestrian is not found more than 50% at fault, they can still recover damages.

Hit-and-Run Accidents

Did the driver flee the scene? This makes liability more difficult. Efforts are made to identify the driver. If found, they can be held liable.

Vehicle Malfunctions

Did the vehicle have a mechanical failure? Brake failure?  Defective part?  Did this contribute to the accident?  Then liability may extend to the vehicle manufacturer. Or a maintenance provider may be at fault.

Determining liability requires an investigation. Eyewitness statements, police reports, video footage, and expert analysis are all evaluated. 

Were you involved in a pedestrian accident?  Was your loved one?  Consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. They can help assess liability. They will negotiate with insurance companies. If necessary, a lawyer can represent you in court. Your attorney will ensure your rights are protected. They will seek to provide you with fair compensation.

The Capital Law Firm has pedestrian accident attorneys. We will be your ally. We will help you seek damages. Our lawyers want to help you recover.

Compensation for Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Victims

Victims may be entitled to compensation. This will cover injuries and losses. The amount will vary based on the specifics of the accident. 

Here are common types of compensation:

1. Medical Expenses: This includes reimbursement for all past and future medical costs. Hospital bills, surgery, rehabilitation, medication, medical equipment, and doctor visits are all examples.

2. Lost Wages: Did the accident cause you to miss work?  You may be entitled to lost income. Both current and future earnings can be included.

3. Pain and Suffering: Victims can seek compensation for physical and emotional pain and suffering. This is a non-economic damage. It can vary widely depending on the case.

4. Emotional Distress: Victims may be compensated for emotional distress. Anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are all examples.

5. Loss of Consortium: Did the accident affect a victim’s relationship with their spouse or family members? They may seek compensation for the loss of consortium. This includes loss of companionship, support, and services.

6. Disability and Disfigurement: Some victims suffer disabilities or disfigurement. This has a long-term impact. Compensation may be granted as a result.  

7. Property Damage: Was personal property damaged?  Examples include clothing, electronics, or personal items. Victims may be eligible for reimbursement. Replacement is also possible.

8. Funeral and Wrongful Death Benefits: Was there a fatality? Family members may claim funeral and burial expenses. They can also seek wrongful death benefits.

9. Punitive Damages: Was the harm intentional? Punitive damages may be awarded. These punish the at-fault party. They deter others from similar behavior.

Pedestrian accident victims often work with a personal injury attorney. These attorneys can assess the case. They gather evidence. They negotiate with insurance companies. If necessary, these attorneys represent the victim in court. 

Many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. They only get paid if the victim receives compensation. Consult with an experienced attorney to understand your rights. They will help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

The Benefits of Hiring a Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer can be beneficial. 

Here are some of the advantages:

Legal Expertise: A pedestrian accident lawyer has knowledge of California’s traffic laws. They know personal injury laws. These lawyers can handle your case effectively.

Investigation: They can conduct a thorough investigation. They will collect evidence. They interview witnesses. Your lawyer can work with experts to build a strong case.

Determining Liability: Your attorney will establish who is at fault. They will find out who is liable for your injuries. This is key when seeking compensation.

Negotiation: Lawyers are negotiators. They engage with insurance. They work to secure a fair settlement. 

Trial Representation: Sometimes a fair settlement cannot be reached. Your attorney is prepared to represent you in court.

Legal Guidance: Your lawyer can provide you with legal advice. Should you settle?  Should you pursue a lawsuit?  Your lawyer will help you make decisions about your case.

Experience with Similar Cases: Pedestrian accident lawyers have experience handling cases similar to yours. They know the common challenges. They have strategies required. They can achieve a successful outcome.

Contingency Fees: Many pedestrian accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. They only get paid if you win your case. You won’t have to pay upfront fees.

Access to Experts: Attorneys often have a network of experts. Medical professionals, accident reconstruction specialists, and economists are examples. They can provide expert opinions. Their testimony will help your case.

Maximum Compensation: Your attorney will work to ensure you receive the maximum amount. They will include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Peace of Mind: Having an attorney gives you peace of mind.  You can focus on your recovery. This reduces your stress.

Familiarity with Local Laws: A Los Angeles-based attorney is familiar with local traffic laws. They know local court procedures. They have experience dealing with challenges unique to the area.

Statute of Limitations: Your lawyer ensures that your case is filed within the right time. You won’t miss deadlines.

Hiring a lawyer can increase your chances of success. They help you earn fair compensation. 

The Process of Filing a Pedestrian Accident Claim in Los Angeles

Filing a claim involves several steps. Here’s an overview:

1. Seek Medical Attention: Seek immediate medical attention. Your health is the top priority. Additionally, medical records help your claim.

2. Contact Law Enforcement: Was the accident severe? Call 911 to file a report. Law enforcement officers will arrive at the scene. They will document the accident. The police report can serve as evidence for your claim.

3. Gather Information: Collect information at the scene. Seek the driver’s contact information. Record insurance details. Gather contact information for witnesses. Take photos of the accident scene, your injuries, and any property damage.

4. Consult with an Attorney: Consult with a Los Angeles attorney as soon as possible. They can assess your case. They will guide you through the process. Many attorneys offer a free case evaluation.

5. Notify Your Insurance Company: If you are working with a personal injury attorney, they will contact the insurance company on your behalf. If you are not working with an attorney, you should notify your insurance company about the accident. Do this even if the other party is clearly at fault. Your insurance may need to be involved. This often happens when the other party is uninsured or underinsured.

6. Preserve Evidence: Your attorney will help you preserve all evidence. This includes medical records, police reports, and witness statements.

7. Determine Liability: Your attorney will determine liability. This may involve analyzing the police report. They may review eyewitness statements. They want to find who is at fault.

8. Negotiation: Your attorney will negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance company. They will seek a fair settlement offer. Negotiations may include discussing medical bills and property damage.

9. Filing a Lawsuit: Sometimes a fair settlement cannot be reached. Your attorney may file a lawsuit. This starts the formal legal process.

10. Discovery: Both parties exchange information. They share evidence.

11. Mediation or Arbitration: In some cases, parties may opt for mediation. They work to resolve the dispute outside of court.

12. Trial: Sometimes a settlement is not reached. The case may proceed to trial. The judge and/or jury will make a final decision.

13. Compensation: Win the case?  Then you may be awarded compensation. 

Having an attorney on your side can improve your chances. They will navigate the legal system.  Their goal is to obtain fair compensation for you.

Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Lawyer FAQs

What happens if I hit a pedestrian in California?

Did you accidentally hit a pedestrian? You need to know how to respond. You want to act responsibly. You need to act legally. Here’s what should happen:

1. Stop Your Vehicle: California law requires you to stop your vehicle. Stay at the scene. Do this no matter the extent of injuries.

2. Check for Injuries: Check on the pedestrian. Assist if necessary. Call 911 to request help if needed. Providing aid and calling for help are legal obligations in California.

3. Exchange Information: Share information with the pedestrian. Include your name, contact information, and insurance. Obtain their information.

4. Report the Accident: In certain cases, you must report the accident.  Was there an injury?  A death? Does property damage exceed $1,000?  You must report the accident. This involves calling the police to the scene. They will create a report.

5. Cooperate with Authorities: Be cooperative with the officers. Answer their questions. Be honest. Provide any requested documents.

6. Document the Scene: If it’s safe, take photos of the scene. Write down notes.  This can help document the details of the accident.

7. Notify Your Insurance Company: If you are working with a personal injury attorney, they will contact the insurance company on your behalf. If not, report the accident to your insurance. Do this as soon as possible. They can guide you through the claims process. They will assist the pedestrian if they file a claim.

8. Consult an Attorney: You may want to consult an attorney. Are there liability disputes? Are you facing legal consequences?  Consulting an attorney is recommended.  

9. Legal Consequences: Were you found at fault?  You could face legal consequences. These include fines and penalties. Suspension of your driver’s license is also possible. Criminal charges may apply. Charges often occur if there is negligence.

10. Civil Liability: You may also be held civilly liable. Did the pedestrian decide to pursue a claim? You could be financially responsible. This would include their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Remember, you must operate your vehicle with caution. Follow traffic laws. This prevents accidents. Be aware at an intersection. Remember who has the right-of-way. Follow the speed limit. Avoid drunk driving. Keep an eye out for bicyclists. Look for pedestrians. Drive slowly in a school zone. Pay attention to your surroundings. Cell phones are distracting.  Avoid using them while driving. Use your turning signal. All of these will help avoid collisions. Many traffic crashes can be avoided with proper driving. Fatalities can be avoided as well.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve hit a pedestrian, prioritize their well-being. Offer assistance. Follow your legal duty. Consequences can vary based on your actions. Consult with an attorney. They can provide guidance for your interests.

Can you sue someone for a hit-and-run in California?

Yes. You can sue someone for a hit-and-run in California. Victims of these car accidents can pursue a civil lawsuit. They can seek compensation. Consult with a personal injury attorney. They will help you understand the legal process. They can explain your options.

What happens if you get hit by someone without insurance in California?

Were you hit by an uninsured driver in California? You can use your uninsured motorist coverage. It can help cover medical expenses and property damage. You may also consider suing. This can be challenging if they lack insurance.

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