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Understanding Liability in Helicopter Accidents

Helicopters are vital to many industries and are often used in practical and useful ways. However, companies or individuals operating helicopters have a particular responsibility for passengers’ safety. When helicopter accidents happen, liable parties can face stiff financial burdens and other consequences. Let’s look more in-depth at who can be held liable for helicopter accidents.

Tour Services

Helicopter tours are a popular tourist service offered in many areas. This is a common type of service in areas that feature picturesque landscapes. These tour services are held to the same high standards as commercial airline or helicopter operators. Problems arise, though, because small tour services aren’t under the same type of oversight as bigger operations. This often results in a failure to keep up with the same maintenance standards over time. It can also result in the hiring of pilots who aren’t comprehensively trained. When a charter service is negligent and an accident or injury results, it can be held liable for that accident.

Air Traffic Control

Air traffic control professionals have a huge responsibility when it comes to aircraft and safety. It is their responsibility to advise pilots concerning take-off conditions, landing conditions, and flight paths. When visibility is low, the air traffic control personnel literally becomes the eyes of pilots. If an accident occurs during conditions in which flights should have stayed grounded, air traffic control could be held liable for not giving sound instructions.


In most cases, it’s the pilot that will be held liable for a helicopter accident. Flying others in an aircraft is a huge responsibility. One mistake could result in an accident or an injury. If the pilot hasn’t taken all of the necessary precautions to keep passengers safe, they will likely be held liable. Pilot errors could include abrupt use of the throttle, failure to maintain altitude, using too much or too little takeoff speed, flying under the influence, or flying while overly tired. If any of these details contributed to an accident, a pilot should seek out the help of helicopter accident law firms.

Although helicopter accidents are declining, it’s important to be aware of liability matters. The AOPA reports that non-commercial helicopter accident rates have continued on a four-year decline reaching a ten-year low of 4.61 accidents per 100,000 flight hours. If you’re searching for dependable helicopter accident law firms, look no further than The Capital Law Firm. We offer free case evaluations and are prepared to help you with your case.


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